Planning was well underway for our 2020 show with the theme GARDEN PARTY when Covid 19 arrived.  The many uncertainties surrounding the Covid 19 situation forced the difficult decision not to hold a show in 2020.


It takes a lot of work and pre-planning to put on the show, and we did not want to put our members, attendees, and vendors at risk with a large gathering that we could not predict we could plan and execute safely.


At this time (Jan 2021) we plan for an even better GARDEN PARTY the third weekend of September 2021. Below are the categories which will be available for entry. Look for online registration to be available after June  2021.



Theme: “Garden Party”


Theme Quilt

Quilt should reflect the theme “Garden Party”. Minimum perimeter 280”.


Small Theme Quilt

Quilt should reflect the theme “Garden Party. Perimeter Less than 280”.



Hand Quilted

Quilted by hand. Minimum perimeter 240”.


Domestic Machine Quilted

Quilted on a sit down, stationary/traditional sewing machine.  Minimum perimeter 280”.  Quilter’s hands move the fabric.  This is not a long arm or short arm quilting machine.


Long Arm Quilted by Maker

Quilted by the same person that pieced the quilt.  Minimum perimeter 280”. Computer or pattern may be used.  Machine glides on a carriage frame.  Fabric is still.


Long Arm Quilted By Other

Quilted by a different person than the maker.  Minimum perimeter 280”. Computer or pattern may be used.  Machine glides on a carriage frame.  Fabric is still. 


Long Arm Hand Guided

Quilted by maker or other.  Minimum perimeter 280”. Quilter hand guides the machine as it glides on a carriage frame.  No pattern or computer assistance.  Fabric is still.


Hand Embroidered

Hand Embroidery is the main focus of the quilt.  Minimum perimeter 240”.



Applique is the main focus of the quilt.  Any type of applique (hand   stitched, needle turned, raw edges, fused, decorative machine stitched, etc.)   Minimum perimeter 240”.


Mixed Technique

Three or more techniques are the focus of the quilt.  Techniques may   include:  crazy quilting, trapunto, paper pieced, embroidery, machine embroidery, applique, beading.  This list is not inclusive.  Minimum perimeter 240”. 


Miniature Quilt

Miniature is to scale.  Maximum of 24 inches on a side with the   maximum block size at 4 inches square.


Small Quilt or Wall Hanging

Maximum perimeter is 140”


Medium Quilt or Wall Hanging

Perimeter is greater than 140”, and less than 210”


Large Wall Hanging

Perimeter is greater than 210” and is less than 280”.


Baby Quilt

Maximum perimeter is 240”.  Must have a juvenile/baby theme


Fashion, Bags, Decorations, or Miscellaneous

May need to fold to display


Original Art Quilt

One of a kind, non-traditional and designed completely by the maker.


Challenge Quilt

FQG Members only.  Members participate in a Challenge as part of the quilt show and tied to the theme “Garden Party”.


Junior Quilter

Can be sponsored by a member if member helped in the process. Display only.  Under 18 years old.  Not required to attend kids camp to enter.


Brown Bag Challenge

We share the Challenge with Bigfork Quilt Guild every year.  Item from any year that has not been previously shown.  Display only.  Bigfork Guild members can enter with no costs in this category.

Best of Show Ribbon – Viewer’s Choice from all categories except Junior Quilter and Brown Bag Challenge

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